Government Chief Whip

The Chief whip is responsible for administering the whipping system that ensures the members to attend the meetings of the House of Legislature for their support on any important matter during division on the Floor of the House, as the party leadership desires. The Government Chief Whip has some very important duties concerning the mapping, monitoring and management of government business in the House. Another important function of the Government Chief Whip is to constantly feel the pulse of the House and apprise the leader of the government about the happenings in the House. They keep in close touch with the Whips of the other parties also on matters concerning the business in the House.

The role of whips of various political parties and the Government Chief Whip is vital in the management of the Assembly Proceedings. The term Whip was defined by Shri Shivraj V. Patil former Speaker, Lok Sabha, as "the authority in the House who was expected to know the bend of minds of Members".

Government Chief Whip

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Former Government Chief Whip

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