Legislative Procedures

This abstract is part of the Legislative Procedures based on the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Legislative Assembly. It is intended to serve as handy guide for ready reference. The Information contained in the booklet is not exhaustive. For full and authentic information, only the original sources may be referred to and relied upon.

Sl. No. Procedures Read/ Download
1) Questions English
2) Half - An – Hour Discussion English
3) Adjournment Motion English
4) Calling Attention English
5) Point of Order English
6) Short Discussion English
7) Legislation - How A Bill Becomes Law English
8) Private Members' Bills And Resolutions English
9) Budget English
10) Legislature Committees English
11) Committee On Petitions English
12) Committee Of Privileges English
13) Committee On Subordinate Legislation English
14) Committee On Public Accounts English
15) Committee On Estimates English
16) Committee On Public Undertakings English
17) Committee On Government Assurances English
18) Welfare Committees English
19) Committee On Wild Life And Environment Protection English
20) Election Of The Members To The Committees According To The Principle Or Proportional Representation By Means Of Single Transferable Vote English
21) Parliamentary Etiquette And Ethical Behaviour Of Members Outside The House And During The Study Tour English
22) Governor's Address And Motion Of Thanks English
23) Committee On Ethics English
24) Personal Allegations English
25) Reporting System English