Legislature Secretariat

The Legislature Secretariat is headed by the Secretary, it is common for both the houses of the Legislature. The nature of duties of the Legislature Secretariat is mainly Legislative. The functions of the Legislature Secretariat are to conduct the meetings of the Assembly and Council to enable the Houses to transact its business in Law making, voting of the Budget and other important issues that are raised by the Hon'ble Members for discussion on the Floor of the House.

The Secretariat works as a Liaison between the Executive and the Houses of the Legislature. It facilitates the different Ministries to introduce Bills in the House, and take-up other business of the House as decided by the Business Advisory Committee.

Other than the Legislative business, the other important function of the Legislature Secretariat is to provide facilities such as accommodation, payment of salaries, T.A. and D.A. and medical re-imbursement to the Hon'ble Members. It also handles payment of pensions and medical expenses of the Ex. Legislators or their spouses.

The Legislature Secretariat also facilitates and provides necessary support to the Legislative Committees in getting the required information through interaction with officials of different Government departments.

officers Of Legislature

List of officers in Legislature Secretariat

Sl.No. Name Designation Mobile Number
1 Sri S. Durga Prasad Joint Secretary 8978882219
2 Sri Ch. Upender Reddy Joint Secretary 9912349220
3 Smt. V.N. Prasanna Kumari Deputy Secretary 9912349223
4 Sri E. Sanjeeva Rao Deputy Secretary 9912349227
5 Smt. B. Prameela Assistant Secretary 7702432208
6 Smt. S. Nagamani Assistant Secretary 9652122622
7 Sri D. Srinivasulu Assistant Secretary 8008303771
8 Sri M. Raghuma Reddy Assistant Secretary 8790822121
9 Sri A. Sudhakar Assistant Secretary 9000789116
10 Sri P. Srinivas Assistant Secretary 8897788480
11 Smt. A. Padmasini Assistant Secretary 8978500669
12 Smt. S.V. V. Satya Sri Assistant Secretary 9701385913
13 Sri N. Sujith Kumar Assistant Secretary 9701385914
14 Sri K. Bhaskara Srinivas Assistant Secretary 9121148589
15 Sri Y. Ramakrishna Technical Officer 9912349217
16 Sri C. K .Vinod Kumar Section Officer 9701385915
17 Sri R. Ramanayya Section Officer 8096949717
18 Sri Ch. Nagaraju Section Officer 9154228248
19 Sri Mohd.  Hameeduddin  Section Officer 9346998770
20 Sri P. Venu Gopal Section Officer 7729986887
21 Sri P.V. Sunil Section Officer 9121148580
22 Smt. V. Prameela Section Officer 9121148586
23 Smt. A. Sujatha Section Officer 9121148581
24 Sri Shaik Sartaz Section Officer 9347408844
25 Sri G. Pavan Kumar Section Officer 9347401155
26 Smt. A. Vanisri Section Officer 9347409966
27 Sri E. G. Rakesh Section Officer 9014554400
28 Sri M. Sujeeth Kumar Section Officer 9121240111
29 Sri S. Srinivas Section Officer 9347404411
30 Sri M. Raju Section Officer 9704921114
31 Sri K. Ajay Kumar Section Officer 7330663838
32 Sri K. Nataraj Section Officer 7989369294
33 Sri G. Ajay Rama Rao Section Officer 7989402436
34 Sri V. Parthasarthi Section Officer 7989411919
35 Sri T. Srinivasa Reddy Section Officer 7989397721
36 Sri M. Ravi Section Officer 7989405359
37 Sri B. Ramesh Estate Officer 9949565889
38 Sri B. Veera Reddy Chief Reporter 9121240098
39 Sri G. Rajeshwara Reddy Chief Reporter 9121240099
40 Sri D. Prabhakar Reddy Research Officer 7989409880